Jezebel: What do we want from male feminists?

This article, on Jezebel and written to commemorate the would-be 46th birthday of Kurt Cobain, addresses the ways in which male feminists can support (or hinder) the ’cause’ of feminism.

Although, during Cobain’s heyday, I was transitioning from the innocence of youth, metamorphosing through pre-teendom, and emerging into the awkward and terrifying ‘teenage’ years in middle American, I was not totally oblivious to Nirvana. By that, I mean I had heard some songs and told everyone that ‘of course I know what he’s saying’ when he sang. Obviously, I was a dumb-ass (no one knows what he’s saying).

However! I’m pretty excited about this ‘re-discovery’ of Cobain’s feminism and his gender-equality mission. So I am shamelessly jumping onto this grungy bandwagon.


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