Nicki Minaj: Bossin’ up

So, I recently saw this video of Nicki Minaj speaking about the double standards that female artists deal with in the hip hop/rap universe. While I’m not a huge fan of her music (not because I dislike her in any way, but because I’m more of a Weepies/Simon and Garfunkel/She and Him kind of listener), I do really respect what she has to say and her insight into this world.

What I find really interesting is that she specifically asks for the footage not to be used because she thinks it will make others think less of her. She’s actively censuring herself to maintain a certain status quo within the music industry, a status quo she just spoke so eloquently (or, at least, intelligently) against. What is also important is that her experience, while unique, is not singular. Many women feel similar things in any profession or career, regardless of how much money they make or the fact that they can tell others about it through a camera crew following thing around. Nicki Minaj: Bossin’ up.


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