Thank FUCK technology is now for women…

EUROSTAR recently launched a tablet made exclusively for the “modern woman’s diverse lifestyle”.  The tablet comes pre-loaded with yoga, fitness, cooking, healthy, and entertainment applications. The press release also states that the “highly sensitive 8 inch capacitive screen allows users to enjoy movies and TV shows while also having access to recipes, exercise guides and a range of applications designed to enhance specific user group experiences.” AND if comes in a lovely shade of light pink.


Let’s excuse the fact that this is fucking ridiculous…because it is…and move right on to the sheer stupidity of what this says to women everywhere: you are only as good as your yoga positions, expertly designed meals, and Zumba regime are. These are the things you are supposed to care about. Notice there are no preset apps for financial analysis, business analysis, or even anything to do with science. It’s got fucking shopping and chatting capability. All we’re missing is the pre-loaded apps to synchronize our menstrual cycles and fertility. [They probably chose not to because they didn’t want all the women PMS-ing at the same time…yuck…periods and hormones and stuff.]

Further, by designing a tablet specifically for ‘women’, EUROSTAR is also (while probably unconsciously) making the statement that other tablets are, by design, not for women. Therefore, if other tablets are for ‘everyone’, but not for women, then the general conclusion is that ‘everyone’ does not include women. By singling women out, EUROSTAR is making a statement that women are somehow ‘special’, and not in the unique little butterfly way. It states that the ‘old’ way of doing technology wasn’t appropriate or didn’t work for women. It signals to women that the world of technology is inherently a place for men and that only with accommodations  can women enter into it.

This is the best thing since Bic made pens design for my delicate hands and soft touch.

bic pens


Link to article on ars technica


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