Re-blog: Feministe

Please have a read about the dude sitting on campus at the University of Arizon holding a ‘You deserve RAPE’ sign.

He’s working like the Westboro Baptist Church so it’s not inherently shocking. What IS shocking is the University claiming they can’t do anything about it because it doesn’t violate the school’s student code of conduct.

The University of Arizona needs a new student code of conduct.


3 thoughts on “Re-blog: Feministe

  1. “He’s working for the Westboro Baptist Church.”

    There’s no need to make stuff up just to make him look worse. He does that fine on his own.

      • Thanks. It’s funny in a sad way but they’re in opposite corners of the deep end of the Christian hatemonger pool. He’s a born again “witnesser” and they’re pre-destined bigots assured of their spots in heaven. If only the two sides would just self-annihilate like matter/antimatter.

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