“How The DOMA Ruling Helps All People, Not Just Gay People.”

“How The DOMA Ruling Helps All People, Not Just Gay People.”

You thought the DOMA ruling was just a triumph for gay rights? Actually, it changes everything—for women, for parents, for workers. Even straight ones.

A few choice excerpts:

“There is a reason the idea of gay marriage terrifies conservatives so thoroughly: its consequences for gender norms within society as a whole, for the organization of families, for employer relationships with parents of both sexes and parents’ relationships with each other, could be staggering.”

“Couples or families for whom the conservative answer to the Family Question provides no solution—gay couples, for instance, or single-parent households, or households in which women would prefer not to believe that they can’t “have it all,” even though their husbands can—represent a threat to a structural status quo that works very well indeed for some powerful groups.”

“Our country will be begin to see what families look like when they are not built on pushing one parent to chase his or her dreams while the other looks after the tykes. And when mothers and fathers tell their daughters and sons, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” their children will see what that really means.”


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