And this…fucking swear words

And this…fucking swear words I’ve been searching for a good argument for why I swear so much. I was raised of the mindset that people who swear just aren’t intelligent enough to find other words to describe their feelings. My argument has often been, ‘but ‘fuck’ actually describes my feelings fucking perfectly’. I’ve generally taken … Continue reading

Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

Oh Joy, Sex Toy! Go on…you know you want to.  In this weekly comic, Erika Moen aims to review sex toys, shows, and general sex industry stuff. She’s only 4 comics in (updates every Tuesday) but they’re good-uns. Have a look-see!

Jackson Katz, PhD TED Talk

This might be the best 19 minutes and 7 seconds of your day. Unless you’re solving world hunger, having a threesome with Johnny Depp and Sean Connery, and eating a pizza pretzel all while floating down the Nile on an open barge with puppies and kittens.


“Cosmarxpolitan, Your New Favorite Magazine, Dishes On Romance And Revolution:  Marching triumphantly at the vanguard of the Tumblr proletariat.” My personal favorites include: “Red Hot Reads! “The working class wasn’t the only thing uprising…” “Gramsci answers YOUR questions: PLUS what secretly turns him on about cultural hegemony.” “The REAL Bay of Pigs disaster…50+ bikini horror … Continue reading

Re-blog: Feministe

Please have a read about the dude sitting on campus at the University of Arizon holding a ‘You deserve RAPE’ sign. He’s working like the Westboro Baptist Church so it’s not inherently shocking. What IS shocking is the University claiming they can’t do anything about it because it doesn’t violate the school’s student code of conduct. … Continue reading